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What is a good instrument girl from learning?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-27
Children special skill training, it is every family will not ignore the education of the core. Special training for this year, children, are the men and women, boys pay attention to such as playing chess and martial arts, girl, pay attention to the cultivation of piano, Musical Instruments like the guzheng. So good girl from learning what musical instrument? How to mining the artistic features of girls? Kiss small make up will be detailed introduction for you. 1, the mother of wisdom will let the children live in a different atmosphere in the music world can produce different children. If you just wanted to let the child fall in love with music, might as well start from the details of everyday life. Often make music with their child, get up, play some lively music, strong; When having a meal, and then play some nice and soothing music; Before bed, play some light music, quiet; Even if is telling a story to the child, also want to do some of the harmonious music accompaniment, strengthen emotional rendering. Develop daughter earlier understanding of rhythm, follow with rhythm, the rhythm of music, the beat, steps, dance, with appropriate encouragement, children's interest in music yearning will be improved. 2, parents correct guidance, let daughter pick instrument just wanted to let their children to master music to parents, often without authorization is done advocate decided to children to learn Musical Instruments. Actually parents to guide is given priority to, let the children make their own decisions, is the only right side help children choose a musical instrument. Children learn things, the most easy to heat for 3 minutes, must let the child have the confidence to learn to select instruments is the key. Give you some advice, may wish to consult. Children under the age of 3, lung capacity is small, have difficulty in learning wind music, began to had better not choose this kind of Musical Instruments; 4 ~ 5 years old can begin to learn the piano, organ, accordion keyboard instruments, such as the study instrument, such as the violin, guzheng, should be at the age of five and a half later. Generally speaking, learning keyboard instruments for a year, basic mastered the intonation and rhythm, and then transfer stringed instruments will be better. Select instruments, the most important thing is to look at the compatible or not, personality, price, time, preferences are not consider as less. Refer to the above Suggestions, don't force, not to intervene, under the premise that the children are interested in, let them just, piano princess, pipa girl no longer distant.
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