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What is a good instrument of children to learn?

by:XuQiu     2020-08-10
When choosing instruments, children's music education experts also gives the following Suggestions: children under the age of 1, 3, lung capacity is small, have difficulty in learning wind music, began to had better not choose this kind of Musical Instruments; 2, try to choose portable light instrument, children can be performed in various occasions. Stage is the wish of many parents and children, the display can cultivate children's self-confidence and sense of pride. 3, suggest that first learning western instruments. Western instruments with staff, can be in line with international standards, then transfer the ethnic Musical Instruments is numbered musical notation is much easier. So, the child began to learn music and Musical Instruments, and pay attention to what? First of all, parents should respect children's interest. The child's learning motivation mainly comes from interest. Parents can't violate the law, impose its will on the child, don't ask a child if you'd like, force him to learn. In so doing, will only backfire, not only conducive to learning, can even let your child to learn a musical instrument. Second, to grasp and eagerness to learn musical instrument's age. From the perspective of the situation of children's intellectual development and physical development, 3 years old children to learn Musical Instruments early. 4 ~ 5 years old can begin to learn the piano, organ, accordion keyboard instruments, such as the study instrument, such as the violin, guzheng, should be at the age of five and a half later. Generally speaking, learning keyboard instruments for a year, basic mastered the intonation and rhythm, and then transfer stringed instruments will be better. Other child hard to concentrate, age is too small, unable to grasp the basic learning rule, is not conducive to teaching, and it is also the cause of many training classes for children age limit. Once again, to learn instruments should be urged, should not be forced. Many parents have had to learn Musical Instruments & other; Anticlimactic & throughout; Children and children bought instruments are fresh, can exercise a few times and then lost interest. How to do? The effective method to solve this problem is to lock time, task, let the children get into the habit of regular learning, completed the task and praise promptly in order to encourage the child. Finally, parents should reasonable arrangement of the child's practice time. For beginner's children, every time 20 minutes, a day to practice a few times more. When your child practice, parents want to sit there watching and patient guidance. When children can't remember spectrum parents can inspire him, but don't recognize spectrum for him. Of course, if you are not going to develop a music professionals, so more to know timely tell children: let you play the piano is not want you to become a musician, but to let you know how to use eyes to see the world of music. In this way, children can happily under the condition of easy to learn an instrument. Learn the flute, clarinet, harmonica. 。 。 。 。 Should not be too expensive? Or play against month, interesting and enjoyable! Of course, you have to accompany your son to see more listening and smoked out so that interest in Musical Instruments/music. Otherwise, learning tae kwon do, gymnastics, martial arts, anyway to him to make their own decisions. However, once the decision will stick to it, no discounts. The child's childhood in addition to give them encourage, is to use their own words and deeds to influence them, let him study believe kind, independent, have their own opinions, can dissolve in society, there are security and legal consciousness, daily from the start bit by bit. Mother yourself if you like, can go to learn the piano, play every day little friends like the music, and then tell him, if he is willing to, can also and mother. To play with children to find their true preferences, can also be found early in their personality weakness, then to give correct guidance and help. Appropriate to encourage and embrace, but must let him know that he is in social life, the society is not he a person's social, who are involved in, find their own happiness. Wanted him to learn to protect themselves and do not harm others. The truth, with the need to moms with the mind to let children know, says they must be not quite understand, early education is very important. Child is a gift, also is the life of the responsibility. But it is also important, is important to note that just because too love this child, and lose himself, although love lovely child, but my mother is a whole person, lost all of myself because of love, would have lost his balance, lost his balance feelings, also can't be healthy. I have seen the most successful education, is to let him have a happy and peaceful childhood, have the ability of independent hit, let oneself become his best friend. Let him when the longer, the higher, and the mother of the soul are distance not far away. Children learn what, see his interests and talents. To learn a lot of things, also don't have to learn Musical Instruments. Or cultivate interest is given priority to, the child still small, plasticity, slowly watch where his interest. # # p# page title e#
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