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What kind of packing is provided for silver alto saxophone ?
See "Product" page to find the packing methods JiNan XuQiu Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd offered. We are serious about the packing material used for saxophone , and of the opinion that packing is a way to decrease the final weight of the package and shipping cost. The packing is aimed at guaranteeing the delivery in good conditions.

XuQiu has been devoted to manufacturing student flute since established. Our excellent manufacturing capability is now recognized by the world. The tuba series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. XuQiu tuba has a trendy design as the designers would conduct various market surveys to learn the changing industry trends and client demands before designing. This product stands out for its amazing tone. The product is easy to care for. People simply need to wipe the dust and stains on its surface with a slightly damp cloth. Its perfect craftsmanship guarantees quality sound.

XuQiu fantasies to precede over several firms in saxophone industry. Get quote!
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