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Which musical insturment Learn to Play?

Which musical insturment Learn to Play?


Set goals, make resolutions and plan for the future. We're sure you have thought long and hard about your resolutions. Maybe you're planning on exercising more, eating less or waking up earlier, you know, all the fun stuff.

Instead of the usual resolutions, we think this year you should aim to try something new and we think that something should be music! Hear us out - there are some great reasons to learn to play a musical instrument, plus its always good to add another string to your bow. 

We have chosen our top three instruments to learn this year:

1. The Piano

Let your inner Elton out this year! The piano has always been a great instrument for beginners, you'll be playing in no time, and with determination and practise you never know what Christmas tunes you'll be tinkling by the end of the year. 

The great thing with the piano is you can start small. You don't need to invest in a grand piano straight away; treat yourself to a simple portable keyboard to begin with, learn the basics, and then if you persevere you can upgrade your instrument. Check out the pianos and keyboards we have available here.

2. The Guitar

There's a rock star inside you that has always been dying to get out, well this is the year to let them out! There are some great choices of guitars for beginners, whatever style of music you want to play. Choose from classical, acoustic, electro acoustic, electric and bass guitars! You can get more help buying your beginner electric guitar here. We also have some guitar starter packs available with everything a beginner would need to get started. Check out our full range of guitars available here.

3. The Violin

Maybe you lean more toward the classical side of the the music spectrum and your ideal instrument to learn would be the violin. Whilst fully mastering this instrument will take some hard work and a lot of practise, it is well worth the effort. Available in a full range of sizes for beginners of all ages, learning to play this stringed beauty is a goal worth making this year! 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to learn to play an instrument this year and if you need any help choosing an instrument you can contact us.

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