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Why are amateur, the piano professional

by:XuQiu     2020-07-10
Many years ago, when accepting new students, some students' parents to me indicates that children don't want to do professional, just want to learn piano as a hobby. At this time I always say, & quot; No matter how the child's condition, do you want to make music major, we will according to professional and formal teaching requirements. The teaching of only part-time students, there is no spare. ” These words represent many responsible music teacher's idea, when parents listened to these words, will also feel glad in your heart, in a lot of teachers with a smattering of instruments only & quot; Hear & quot; When oneself seek a professional teacher. Parents are often agreed: & quot; For, or not learn; Or to learn it well! ” Problems in this & quot; Learn & quot; On. In what is called & quot; Learn & quot; , most parents will not let the child go to when the player, but able to play the music very formal and complete. Now have a distinction, some parents will through some level as & quot; Learn & quot; One of the goals of the. Many people may think it wasn't easy to play the piano, to control both hands ten fingers playing, also looked at the sheet music, at the same time control the foot pedal. The real difficulty is far more than these, each of these large and there are many more detailed requirements. Play a piece of music, and is able to eject a piece of music is a fundamental difference, which to pay the difference of labor is very big. But parents often do not fully understand the complexity of the play and the difficulty, when said & quot; Or to learn & quot; They also don't know what it means to a child. Basic education in normal schools, the children of knowledge and content, is as long as they pay efforts will be able to master, most people are able to master reading, writing, computing skills, and can according to the primary level due to rise up. Many parents tend to be based on the ordinary school learning process to imagine the instrumental music in the learning process, so that their children on learning should also be made with normal school roughly the same learning experience and achievement. Little imagine, the efforts of the instrumental music learning and the effect is not so simple corresponding relationship between. Up to the level of the general instruments required capacity, not everyone can have, for those who can incompetent, or takes too much effort to force to cope with, it is difficult to play piano is not only, but also can't do! On this point, many parents are often the lack of psychological preparation. I think the children's amateur piano is one of the biggest problems in the problem of high pressure state, the resulting a series of adverse impact of the development of children have already had no a necessity in this retelling. Why such a big pressure problem, it is very complicated, there are the parents of personal attitude to life, methods for children education, the purpose of the piano, one of the important reasons is the amateur piano teaching requirements too specialized. The fundamental goal of neglected children learn piano and children's individual ability difference, blindly pursue high standard, strict, as a result of adverse impacts on the children's personality development has been in need of attention. Many parents, and even some teachers think that specialization means normality of playing method. Piano, for example, the parents feel headache, is also the most let the teacher take time, is the shape of the hand of students. Most mathematical piano children have heard many times the teacher or parents call & quot; Your fingertips! Your fingertips! Pay attention to your fingertips! ! ” 。 ” Don't arch wrist & quot; ,“; Wrist don't collapse & quot; ,“; Don't fold means & quot; ,“; Take it easy, but don't beat & quot; ,“; Don't pay attention to the fingering wrong & quot; … … And so on. In fact far more than technical professional requirements. More music performance requirements, but parents are less sensitive. Such as breathing, melody of phrase expression, structure and layout of the development of music, the syntactic and clauses of the law, regular style, harmony, harmony connection smooth, balance between voice and grasp the primary and secondary, and the pronunciation of each sound quality & hellip; … Wait, wait. If you want a piece of music to achieve better performance, all of these are required. To do this, not only need to hard efforts, more depends on the students ability to harness such complicated operation and mental activity. Parents must accept the fact is that many of the children of the absolute ability won't be alone complex operation requirements, and does not depend on how much they pay off. In this article we will talk about. Too professional from the amateur perspective of the purpose of the piano. If we don't want to be a professional performer, so should pay great efforts, spend a huge amount of time and energy to hold a special skill is a need to weigh the issue. One to two hours a day, a year the four seasons uninterrupted, for several years, can do many things! But for many of the piano children, could only reach the level of general can play. For those who don't may be engaged in the professional playing kids, why can't the pressure decrease, the piano put more energy into what you have to do and are interested in?

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