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Why do children have to learn music? I've heard this is the most authoritative interpretation!

by:XuQiu     2020-08-07
If you want to success, happiness from love art! — — Zhou Haihong Zhou Haihong Zhou Haihong, PhD, professor, doctoral supervisor. Was born on June 27, 1963, in shenyang, liaoning province. He is now vice dean of central music college. Famous music, music psychology, education experts. Long engaged in the research of music aesthetics and education psychology and the teaching work, accomplished, in philosophy, aesthetics, personality and motivation has a deep research of psychology. Vice President of the national music psychology, society, national education examination guidance committee, the Ministry of Education of institutions of higher learning, deputy director of the music and dance teaching steering committee member, standing committee of the national art education committee. The world of music and its performance (Ph. D. Dissertation, The central music college press, 2004) Received & other; In 2001 the national prize of excellent doctorial dissertations & throughout; 。 In 2002 the third session of the Ministry of Education & other; Young teachers in colleges and universities award & throughout; 。 The music you need & other; Understand & throughout; — Face taste confused thought history 'was awarded the eighth China federation of literary critics award works class the first prize. To be successful happiness, since the childhood love art! Why do children have to learn music? This topic with & other; What's the use of art & throughout; The relevant. I'll throw my conclusion: if you want to success, happiness from love art! Why do you say so? Because people have two mental abilities: one is rational, is a sensibility. Corresponding, rational, it is the core of science quality, perceptual, is the core of aesthetic quality. Rational thinking on behalf of the domain is science, science conquered the world; Perceptual thinking on behalf of the domain is art, art to beautify the world! Rational quality for us to know the world, the power of conquering the world; Perceptual quality is our premise experience happiness in life, to create a better life. Rational and emotional just like the vehicle two turns, second the wings bird is partial fee. Unfortunately, in China's current education environment, emotional education is a serious shortage of! Today, in many primary and middle schools, still exist in the sound, body, beauty move from closed, music teachers, the shortage of teaching instruments and equipment. Parents friends: on the road to happiness and success, if you don't be fostered children perceptual quality, end you will make the child well-being; If you get in the way of children perceptual quality, you have killed the child future possible success! Why is that? First of all, from the perspective of happiness: lack of art education of children less happy. A person to get a lifetime of happiness, he should not only have happiness the quality of living conditions, but also has the quality of experience feeling happy life! Happiness is the experience of life, is the quality of the need to experience happiness. Has the perceptual quality is experience the happiness of our life! ! ! ! ! ! ! Why some people can let the living environment is dirty, disorderly and poor? Why do some people income increase, still living in drab, drab, lack of happiness? Fundamentally analysis, is due to the perceptual quality is low. Due to the perceptual quality is low, so would not pursuit of beauty, will of dirty, disorder and poor, boring and monotonous and boring life. Experience of perceptual quality is low, the lack of beauty, will not enjoy life, always ask useful useless, all the things that have nothing to do with practical existence utilitarian think useless; Perceptual quality is low, less life interest, emotion is not rich; Turned a deaf ear to turn a blind eye to its moments of beauty, the sounds of nature, delicacies, have no appetite for food, never watch movie, never listen to music, never appreciate art, there is no life interest, travel, get on the car to sleep, get off pee, to take photos, came back what all don't know & hellip; … Such people have more money, also the lack of happiness. “ Poor of money & throughout; That is so! That is why I want to say: the perceptual quality low less people happiness! Lack of art education of children less happy. Secondly, from the perspective of career success: lack of children art education success difficult. Please think about it, why the apple success? Because the technology into art, make product works! The pursuit of aesthetic quality, is the core reason behind the success of the apple.

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