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Why let the child to attend the distinction?

by:XuQiu     2020-08-21
Why let the child to attend the distinction? To music employs child parents a letter ( 2) Why let the child attends the distinction of distinction right purpose should be: through distinction, get expert evaluation, to encourage and improve children's study, towards a higher level on the way of formal gradually to produce a good amateur players. Children learn Musical Instruments is now more and more, and have the ability in the teaching of the teacher is too little, so many people who had no specialized education has also joined the amateur music teachers' team. Although some of these people level is not high, but can learn, teach and improve, can fill the lack of some teachers. But there are also some speculators to take down one of the team, began to misleading teaching, and these people the so-called teaching, parents usually don't understand music is no good or bad. So there objectively requires an organization to amateur music learning of students of authoritative appraisal. In this way, the central music college set up distinction committee, the specification amateur music bear the task of education. Students through distinction expert appraisal, can know that their own learning way is correct, there is what problem, how to improve and so on. So the purpose of distinction is to test the child's learning situation. If through a certain level, achieved the degree of this magnitude, is basically a correct way, the teacher taught well. You can continue to work hard. If not through, be especially careful to see comments, experts point out that what is the problem, the problem whether the teacher often put forward at ordinary times, if it is, you should try to correct, if the teacher never mentioned these problems, that is about to ask the teacher what is going on. If the teacher for a long time not to the student in the class distinction ( Professional teachers exception) , you'll have to consider whether the teacher is really good. Most speculators are afraid to let the students to attend our distinction, because be afraid of you. So I hope parents clear distinction, the purpose of this even if not through, can also be taken seriously. Help children to correct mistakes, and improve the level and try to get good grades next time. By the way: the central academy of music for the examinee in already practiced all distinction repertoire, hope to be able to get the evaluation in time under the premise of without delay they continue to progress, changed the past only employs it in summer and winter vacations every year, increased the number of distinction, Please look at our brochure) Purpose is to give students and teachers more freedom to arrange teaching and choose employs time. This kind of practice by many teachers and parents welcome. But we also found a lot of people owing to lack of understanding of the distinction between right and wrong to let their students or children time and time again to sign up for the exam, didn't pass this time, also do not find the reason, then, even in the same report twice during the test, the test not passed, another test center may through, want to hit a universiade, after barely passed hurriedly to the next level, sign up for just a few months and, such KaoFa is very unfavorable to the child's long-term growth. We still hope that on average a year got level ( Good, strong ability in individual accept children or individual professional, also can be a bit shorter time) And the foundation. Develop intelligence cannot be short-term, parents should have the foresight to base will not occupy students' too much time, but help their full growth. Above is just the man, the hope is that parents and children the amount of energy and financial resources to achieve the desired effect. I wish your children better achievements in the future distinction!
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