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Why let the children learn a musical instrument?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-19
Why let the children learn a musical instrument? Expect him to become a musician? 不! Count on him as a career? 不! Worried about his one thousand literacy class in the future is not good, can take an examination of art academy? 不! So why learn? Hope he understand this is a kind of spirit of the company, a taste of life, develop lifelong hobbies. To learn a musical instrument has gone way beyond the scope of study a special skill. The process of growing up, learn to grow up, learn to overcome, to learn hard, learn to sink down and, learn to adhere to the dream never second thoughts, learn to rigorous. In fact it's more like a character of hone and wake up. Practice after the child could be so! ! ! But his childhood may be drip sauce aunts son! Playing an instrument girl really beautiful! Eutrophic daughter estimates is sauce realm ahead in the distance, the parents must learn to take pictures! Too beautiful too cute, ever! Than you have! Play music, because can boldly express yourself! Who is the handsome boy? From rock and roll spirit have full of self! Boy, it is to play the guitar really cool! Table hot intoxicated, okay? Granddad, play when I was young and so big! This is really the paradise this, there is a drop! A small harmonica, is also a very natural and unrestrained! Every time I see a band, you feel the coolest is always sit behind the appearance of cold drummer? Years of effort, but it will makes a kind of natural and unrestrained and free from vulgarity, a pick, a distinguished! Stage of young musicians play rehearsal before the meeting, and distracted & ndash; — Performances of focus when the curtain call pride and joy
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