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Why should you learn the musical instrument?

Why should you learn the musical instrument?


1. Music is a universal language

Playing a musical instrument allows you to communicate with people from other cultures and backgrounds as music is a fantastic universal language. This is another great way to make friends through music.

2. Playing an instrument literally makes you smarter.

Research has shown that both playing a musical instrument and listening to music can increase your brain capacity in the long-term. Further research has also shown that playing a musical instrument can increase your IQ by seven points. 

3. Playing an instrument teaches patience

Learning to play a musical instrument is not done quickly. No one can learn to play an instrument over night. It is everyday practise and a lot of it that allow anyone to master an instrument. This development of patience may also transcend into other aspects of a musicians life.

4. Playing an instrument improves your social life

Playing an instrument enlarges your social circle, exposing you to a wide variety of people, allowing you to meet more people, and make more friends. Meeting other musicians through your music is also a great way of making friends with similar interests.

5. Playing an instrument improves your listening skills

It goes without saying that in order to successfully play an instrument your ability to listen will have to be quite good. In order to master the instrument and play well, a musician will have to listen closely to know when they play the wrong note or if the instrument needs to be tuned. Doing this will naturally improve your listening skills.

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