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Your child for learning what musical instrument?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-28
Choose what to learn Musical Instruments, from the learning purpose, economic conditions, the specific situation of the child and family factors such as comprehensive consideration. First of all need to be able to know what to learn piano. If is a professional after learning or retain professional learning opportunities, will need to take a long-term view. If there is any suitable high levels of teachers to the child's & other; Boy & throughout; Solid, specification, make children's study for subsequent professional study to lay the good foundation; Choose the major social needs, to further improve and develop the chances of; Whether has the long looking for a professional teacher counseling economic strength and so on. Going to do in the future, for example, regular primary and secondary school music teacher, the first choice of instrument is the piano, this is normal for admission to the school of art study subjects, is also a major professional courses. If the amateur piano lessons, the purpose of choosing instrument was a relatively free and can be based on factors such as hobbies. If it is to have a play, even as an auxiliary means of enters a higher school, the number of choice in a symphony or traditional instruments orchestra configuration more instrument or upset, admission to schools often determined according to the required number of band characteristic series professional. If you choose the piano, is the possibility of a characteristic series is little, because if the piano as a solo instrument, most need a person, a band and required level is very high, often to reach the professional level. But if interested in vocal music or other instruments, learning piano is likely to become the foundation of other aspects of learning. Such as in music theory course, practice on a demo tape of ear hearing and sightsinging ability in ear course, by means of keyboard instruments. And erhu, such as the violin string playing, convenient and suitable for various occasions. Secondly should seriously consider family economic condition, discreet choice children will learn Musical Instruments. Affluent family condition, can choose the price is relatively high musical instrument such as piano, accordion; Less affluent family condition, can choose relatively low price of some instruments, such as affordable violin, the erhu, pipa Musical Instruments. What need reminds is, when selecting instruments, not only to consider the cost of buying instrument, but also consider the cost of learning. Some Musical Instruments can be in class team even large course learning, while some musical instrument need one-on-one tutoring face to face. The cost of the piano is not the same in all parts of the country, region and teachers' level, level and other factors. In 40 minutes of a class of individual classes, for just a few dollars in some remote areas, and some provincial cities may be tall, hundreds of yuan. Some teachers, will increase with the level of fee standard. Therefore, exclamation: some parents afford instruments, to pay my tuition. The third is consider to choose what kind of study way. If achieve study, can choose the electronic organ, erhu, flute, cello, such as Musical Instruments, learning is relatively easier, in some areas primary school do extracurricular art class or collective learning of the children's palace often choose this kind of Musical Instruments. The fourth is to consider the time to study. If it is meet a temporary interest, or just let the child rough understanding some knowledge of musical instrument, you can choose to spend money is not much, entry is relatively easy to instrument, such as guitar, clarinet, etc. Learn some Musical Instruments cycle is long, the cost is higher, to learn is going to have a long term plan. If see neighbor children in learning the piano, you also pay a high price for a, but do you know in the process of learning the piano will only fingers on the keys & other; Stand & throughout; Specification and correctly activity finger requires a relatively long time, often also not play to interested in music, and your child already bored, this choice undoubtedly do more harm than good. The fifth is to consider the child's physical condition. Preschool children or a girl's body and vital capacity is small, not suitable for choosing gas use large brass instruments, can choose keyboard instruments, small plucked instrument or flute woodwind instrument, etc. Even the same kind of musical instrument, also often have different sizes of models, such as the violin, accordion can begin from the small model, as the growth of the age and the constantly changing suitable instrument. Many parents think learning piano to see first shape fits is the fingers, hand, hand of conditions on the piano does have certain effect, but for amateur piano, is not a decisive factor. The sixth is to think about intonation. Intonation is the ability to performer judge pitch correctly or not. Intonation good children can choose to need your tuning of Musical Instruments, such as piano, accordion, etc. And, of course, we can't ask a child birth has very good intonation, can constantly improve the level of intonation by ear course training.
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