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Guide to Buy Professional Trumpets

Guide to Buy Professional Trumpets


When Should You Buy a Professional Trumpet?

Once a trumpet player has fully committed to their musical instrument, is playing very advanced pieces, and is perhaps even ready to make trumpet playing part of their career, investing in a professional trumpet is in order. Professional trumpets can be quite expensive, so be sure you’re ready to commit to a professional model.

With professional trumpets, the metals are much higher quality. The valves, often Monel or stainless steel, are made with more precision and function very smoothly. Pro models may have larger bores so the instrument can be played with more power, but it requires more effort. The bell will likely be one piece. Take your time and be sure to research a lot of trumpets out before deciding.

What Family are Trumpets In?

The trumpet is a brass instrument in the trumpet family. It’s a conical or cylindrical instrument, consisting of a metal tube, a cup-shaped mouthpiece, and a flared bell. The trumpet musical instrument is one of the most recognizable instruments in terms of appearance and sound. The trumpet is light and portable so it’s easy to transport to and from rehearsals, gigs and performances.

No matter whether you are looking for a student, professional, or professional trumpet, the most popular horns are played in the key of Bb. However, you will see C, Eb & D, F & G trumpets on the market, as well as piccolo and bass trumpets. If you’re looking to advance to a professional horn, you’ll most likely be shopping for a Bb trumpet.

Who Plays the Professional Trumpet?

A musician who plays the trumpet can simply be called a trumpet player or a trumpeter. Almost anyone can learn to play the trumpet – kids as young as 8 years old can start on the instrument, though young students would almost exclusively play on student trumpets, which are made of durable materials that make it easier to play. Professional trumpet players who have progressed in their skill on the instrument can play a variety of music genres, including jazz, orchestra, rock, Latin, chamber groups, and pep band.

What are Professional Trumpets Made of?

These days, good trumpets are almost exclusively made from brass. The most common type of brass used in professional trumpets is yellow brass, which is 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc. When shopping for a very high quality professional trumpet, you may see a solid gold or silver trumpet – however, you do not need to purchase an instrument made of gold or silver to achieve a top level of play.

What Does a Professional Trumpet Sound Like?

The trumpeter produces sound from the best trumpet by buzzing their lips. It is actually the metal trumpet mouthpiece that produces the sound which is then projected through the tubing and the bell. The trumpeter changes the pitch of notes by using the valves to change the length of the tube. In general, the longer the tube, the lower the note. You could describe the trumpet’s sound as metallic, bright and powerful.

Finishes of a Professional Trumpet

Best professional trumpets come in a variety of finishes. Lacquer is the most common one and is baked onto the completed instrument. Lacquer finishes can produce an instrument with a darker tone and are available on any category of trumpet brass instruments. Silver plating, on the other hand, can give a trumpet a much brighter tone and is applied through the process of electroplating. Gold finishes, in addition to their striking visual impact, can slightly darken the tone. On professional trumpets, you may also see interesting finishes like vintage, copper, black copper, or red brass.

Professional Trumpet Accessories

Maintenance is an important part of owning a trumpet and there are many care & cleaning accessories that will be needed throughout the life of any instrument to keep it responsive and performing at the highest level. Mouthpiece brushes and cleaning snakes help prevent the build-up of material within the body of the trumpet that can impact air-flow. Valve oil is a necessity to keep the valves’ mechanisms moving freely and quickly.

Buying a Professional Trumpet at Woodwind & Brasswind

No matter what type or category of brass trumpet you are shopping for, best woodwind instruments & chinese brass instruments has been meeting the needs of professionals for decades.

Take your time and really plan out what you are looking for. Consider the guide above as a place to start and try to find even more specific questions to help you build your list of options. This systematic approach will lead to you getting the best professional level trumpet you can for your needs.

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