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Woodwind Instruments

Select Your Own Woodwind Instruments From Jinan XuQiu Musical Instrument Co Ltd.

A woodwind instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound when the player blows air against a sharp edge or through a reed, causing the air within its resonator (usually a column of air) to vibrate. Most of these instruments are made of wood but can be made of other materials, such as metals or plastics.

We had been in this field manufacturing and exporting woodwind instruments for about 20 years. With the development of the past years, we had got good reputation from Customers. And right now we can not only supply the popular student level instruments, but also some middle quality and high quality instruments for the professional players.

It's our purpose to supply the satisfied instruments to the players steadily, and get a long time cooperation.We believe that you will enjoy playing the nice music with our instruments. And certainly we welcome suggestions from you to be better and better!


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