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Guides to choose 3 common musical instruments

Guides to choose 3 common musical instruments


What is the characteristics of different musical instruments, and what is the child learning?

Let us take three more common Chinese and Western musical instruments for everyone to refer to:


Guitar is easy to learn, easy to carry, many children will like it. However, the play of the electric guitar will involve the string, the movement of the chord, these actions will damage the child's skin, the child is relatively small, and the mother does not recommend early touch. And the learning of the chord is not easy to master, the child is poorly understood, and the essentials of learning cannot be mastered.


· A wide variety of guitars can be selected freely according to the child's interest.

· Can play the tricks, have fun, not boring.

· Guitar is also easy to carry, easy to get, very suitable for playing. The initial instrument is small in investment.


· It is simple to get started, but it is difficult to learn.

· I want to learn wholesale electric guitar in the later period, and the capital investment is high.

Enlightenment time and learning conditions:

· 5 years old.

The best learning age should be around 10 years old.


The flute belongs to the woodwind instruments. It is relatively easy to carry and study, there is no limit to the space site, and it is more convenient to learn. But the flute of the flute requires the child to have a neat teeth. If the child is small, the teeth have not yet developed, and they don't have the level you want, and it is not suitable for premature learning. Even if you grow up, if you have a disease, your lips are too thick, etc., it is not suitable for learning flute.


· You can participate in solo, replay, also participate in the ensemble, is an essential ordered blow musical instrument.

· The flute is small and easy to carry.


· There is only one adjustment for each flute instrument, and the latter is a complete set of flutes.

Enlightenment time and learning conditions:

· After 7-8 years old.

· The teeth are developed completely, neat, and the lung capacity is good.

The best learning age should be around 8-9 years old.


Custom saxophone is beautiful, elegant and elegant, so it is favored by many children, and the entry of Saxophone is low, and the progress of children in the process of learning is faster, and they are also unrelated to the limited restrictions. Like the flute, the saxophility of the saxophone also requires tie, the teeth have diseases and children with thick lips are not suitable for learning. At the same time, saxophone also requires certain pulmonary capacity, and it will be more tired during learning.


· The tone is very beautiful, suitable for solo. It is simple to get started, and the initial progress is faster.

· Musical instrument prices are suitable for carrying, not subject to site restrictions, can practice at any time, more opportunities.


· Gas, gas is certain, it will be tired when you begin school.

Enlightenment time and learning conditions:

· After 8-9 years old.

· The amount of lungs is enough.

The best learning age should be around 8-9 years old.

Music can cultivate sentiment and help to shape children's character. The perseverance of perseverance can also make his will quality, patience, and constantly enhance the tolerance of setbacks. Regardless of which kind of musical instrument is learned, parents must also be determined by the situation. The premise is that children are interested and talented, and they can get real fun!

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