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Learn Musical Instruments 'slow practice' 15 of the golden rule

by:XuQiu     2020-08-20
1, slowly can you faster. 2, 1 times the slow practice, rather than for 10 times faster. 3, can play more slowly and kung fu. 4, if not slow down, control is not enough. 5, was not slow music can slow down, is progress. 6, fluent slower than the ke rambled fast. 7, slower than the original speed, is the slow practice. 8, slow to slow uniform, proportionally slow, don't when the fast slowly. 9, metronome is a good helper of the slow practice, also want to try to have a look when the slow practice. More than 10, the slow practice not pass, is focused. 11, the slow practice is to let your mind and ears to keep up with your fingers. 12 and the slow practice singing, can keep brain is present. 13, the slow practice easy to fatigue, can use local slow practice, the slow practice way to concentrate. 14, sight-reading new spectrum, both brain quickly, little break little mistake, improve efficiency. 15, review the old song, more slowly than fast, prevent play & other; Oil & throughout; 。 16, back spectrum slowly back, more.
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