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Music enlightenment needs to pay attention to? Should give children to learn what kind of Musical Instruments

by:XuQiu     2020-07-13
Every parents the child to the appropriate age, should learn a musical instrument? Should choose to learn what instrument? Is for the sake of the child's interests and learn Musical Instruments? Or for the children after the coastal zone development, skills and learn Musical Instruments trouble, we give you some Suggestions, let you be in child music enlightenment period, give the child a better environment and Suggestions. Music for children of the enlightenment, in terms of physical characteristics and cognitive characteristics of children, should first choose keyboard instruments, such as piano, electric piano, keyboard, etc. The reason is: a. Keyboard instrument fixed intonation, helps children to form correct intonation discrimination. b。 Learning to play the piano or keyboard is eyes, his hands operation, so that to cultivate the coordinated ability, can be developed on both sides of the brain function, especially the brain; c。 No matter choose what musical instrument, originally should notice sightsinging practice ear, because learning music not only to learn to play, sing, but learn to enjoy playing and singing. Sightsinging practice the best tool is the piano keyboard instruments such as the ear; 2. Children under the age of 3, lung capacity is small, have difficulty in learning wind music, began to had better not choose this kind of Musical Instruments; Try to choose portable light instrument, the child can be performed in various occasions. Stage is the wish of many parents and children, the display can cultivate children's self-confidence and sense of pride. Suggest that first learning western instruments. Western instruments with staff, can be in line with international standards, transfer the ethnic Musical Instruments is numbered musical notation is much easier. Not appropriate to choose what someone says, the little children had better not to learn a musical instrument, singing class, of course, what of up and down is nothing can also cultivate musicality. When playing the piano, the child to see, ear to listen to, foot pedals, using the brain and hand, is of great help to develop children's early coordination. It is also found that good coordination child to recite the text in the future, and have a fast, memorizing English words memory ability obviously superior to other children. But why not let the children early to contact? A because children do not have to master the conditions of the instrument, can't operation and instrument, in addition that a child if you can't through the instrument to have fun, son was forced to do so, the will only produce aversion to instruments, leading to the later study the wasted effort. So when children are just able to master a musical instrument for enlightenment to the child is the best time. Before the child can control instruments, of course I can let the child take vocal music lessons, let children feel the beat and melody, the instrument can also help in later learning. Best diversification in the form of vocal music lesson. “ Through a variety of interesting sports game activities, such as: the chicken singing, building houses, etc. , let the staff and other basic music knowledge bit by bit to infiltrate the child's daily game activities. ” Children under the age of 3, lung capacity is small, have difficulty in learning wind music, began to had better not choose this kind of Musical Instruments; Try not to choose not to easy to carry heavy instrument, heavy instrument children cannot be performed on various occasions; Is not conducive to cultivate children's self-confidence and sense of pride. The learning process should pay attention to what their parents have to respect the child's interest. The child's learning motivation mainly in interest. Parents can't violate the law, impose its will on the child, don't ask a child if you'd like, force him to learn. In so doing, will only backfire, not only conducive to learning, can even let your child to learn a musical instrument. To encourage more children to interests of praise is particularly important.
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