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Music the most easy to produce 10 wrong idea!

by:XuQiu     2020-08-19
Going to enter the art of the high school students questions each year are almost all around: what school teacher can I do? I want to go to XXX, there is hope? When I began to learn? 。 。 。 。 。 。 For art students most do not understand oneself circumstance, to enter oneself for an examination requirements and the characteristics of the goal is not clear, let us summarize the most representative several wrong idea: learning music will when the teacher education juvenile index: u u u u u first of all, we come to think about: learn medical ShangWen of workers and peasants, can do in the future? Think that will do anything? Always find this professional related work. Geological exploration of aeronautics and astronautics archaeological physical chemistry, the future we will be able to find and work related to the professional? Can't find it? Don't also want to change professions? Interpretation in terms of the current employment environment, the teacher is a very good job. Especially the art professional graduates, can be a formal there is compiled by the teacher was very difficult. Some graduate students, admitted to the graduate student, some work in the culture and arts, and some work was nothing to do with music class. Therefore, learning music education major, absolutely not & other Destined to & throughout; Teacher, a lot of people want to when and when not. Music and some of the colleges and universities music education professional class teacher professional, one of the advantages compared with other professional is directly after graduation to have a teacher certificate ( Teacher certification reform in recent years, some schools of teaching professional license also want another teacher certification, but on the whole is much better than the rest of the professional exam) 。 Which major in the university employment? Naive index: u u u u u now employment situation shows that there is no so-called good employment of professional. Don't believe the university or the official employment. Choose professional must rely on their own interests and good at. Also is not only a professional art, all the professional obtain employment is not easy. Later obtain employment, more or see their own conditions. Completely different from person to person. Is no way I can also sing make money bar naive index: u u u u sing about money, the teacher want to say: even if a lot of university teachers, expect singing on site have to starve to death. Chinese art market is very small, only just started, is more of a speculative speculation, etc. , are far from mature. Also, now the singer's revenue comes from selling record is very few, is more of advertisements, endorsements, attend the activities, or investment in other fields. The students still want some reason. The people in the world has never been short of singing. Enter the university to the professional art childish index: u u u u do have specific provision, the Ministry of Education arts examinee shall not be transferred to ordinary professional studies after admission. Therefore, the art of enrollment will not become part of the examinee enter college & other Ticket & throughout; 。 For professional art exchange between professional and part of the school is professional dispensing, but all the rules of the different colleges and universities, places there are limits, is very hard conditions. When application is best their professional as well.

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