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Silvertone Bass - Great For Beginners

by:XuQiu     2020-05-28
Every bass player has to start somewhere and Silvertone bass guitars are a great place to start. They are an entry level instrument that is perfect for anyone that is thinking about playing bass but they just do not want to hand a lot of cash. Silvertone has a simple philosophy on musical instruments. They strive to create electric guitars and electric bass guitars that are made from quality materials at price that just about anyone can afford. They stuck to this philosophy and have been producing great sounding instruments for over fifty years! There are a few models to choose from but one of the most popular would be the Silvertone LB11 Electric Bass Guitar and Amp Package. What makes this so popular? It could be the fact that you get everything you need to start playing bass guitar and you get it all for a price that just can't be beat! Here is what is included in the package. You get an excellent digital tuner. This is a great tool that will help you keep your bass in tune at all times. It will also help train your ear and with enough practice you can tune our bass by ear! You also get a high quality cable. A Strap so you can learn to play while standing up. Strings - What good is a bass without strings? Picks - Some players need them and some do not. It all depends on your playing style. A gig bag so you can carry your bass with you where ever you go. An instructional DVD that will get you up an playing in no time And last but not least you get an nice little practice amp. This ten watt amp features a six and a half inch speaker and a four band EQ. Tailor the sound just the way you like it.
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