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Talk about instruments and gender relations

by:XuQiu     2020-07-30
Musical Instruments and gender have relations? B: yes. Not to belittle women, in addition to individual instruments, most of the instruments, can women more than men? Women are suitable for learning to practice some plucked strings and strings, like the guzheng, pipa, harp, yueqin, liu-chin, dulcimer, etc. These instruments are almost monopoly by women. But some Musical Instruments, usually a woman never, like guitar, suona, or other wind, while a woman wind band. Man: no, all instruments ( Wind, string, plucked strings and percussion) All can play, but it happened to the woman often about, like men don't want to sew clothes. What sex selection what musical instrument, is related to traditional habits, of course, related to instrument characteristics. Such as wind of horn, trumpet, trombone, sarkozy, almost all is a monster, pneumatic foot, generally suitable for men, and the flute, the string of the violin in the wind, not fine fiber, susceptible to women. But then again, piano, cello, such as big and thick body instrument, with the close women are abundant. That is to say, elegant and beautiful, not how physical instrument is easy to take women favor; Man is not much exquisite, unless the individual has been feminized instrument, other all are acceptable. Choose to suit their own gender instruments, no doubt, also enhanced their own personality, a woman and beautiful at playing the pipa, guzheng, tenderness, the woman will look charming; Man's guitar, gonna play very modern, the man become personable. Some instruments seem very neutral, like the violin, men and women are like. Good woman more lovely woman and man pulled it magic make men more attractive, the flute, too.
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